Since 2004, the industry has known IMP for our reputation in OMS Implementation and Compliance Solutions. As our business has grown, we still apply the same principles of consistency, transparency and accountability to all of our customized solutions for asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance and reinsurance companies, and global banks on many different platforms. See how other investment professionals are achieving high quality results with IMP.

Achieve Consistent Results with IMP's Core Methodology

Our team of experienced consultants have worked collectively to build a core governing methodology, based on a record of proven success and industry best practices backed by a collection of real artifacts, shared learning tools and knowledge repositories. Learn more about IMP's proven core methodology.

Leverage IMP's Experience with Market-Leading Systems

Our consultants have expertise across all of the market-leading systems so that you don't have to be to an expert too. See an overview of trading, compliance and accounting systems where we have experience in implementations, upgrades and conversions.




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