Five Key Questions About IBOR Answered

The investment management industry relies on up-to the minute data but do your systems give you a clear, intraday picture of your exposure? Is there a single, centralized source, or is your firm still cobbling together information — including corporate actions, redemptions and partial trades from multiple systems?  In spite of the lessons learned from 2008, most firms have solid beginning and end of day views, but the intraday Investment Book of Record (IBOR) is a work in progress.   

With this in mind, IMP Consulting presents answers to five key questions about IBOR:

1.   Why are we (still) talking about the Investment Book of Record (IBOR)
2.  How do investment firms define IBOR?
3.  What is included in an IBOR?
4.  What are my IBOR requirements?
5.  What first steps can I take to implement an IBOR?