Client: One of the Industry’s Largest Institutional Asset Managers with AUM of $1.5 Trillion

  • Client Need: A global trade order management system (OMS) for its domestic and global Fixed Income business. Different lines of business were using a variety of systems, including custom applications, Excel spreadsheets, and multiple order management systems.

  • Why IMP Was Chosen: IMP is an expert in the Industry’s top order management systems and their capabilities. Choosing IMP enabled the client to save a significant amount of money and time by avoiding the lengthy RFP process. IMP’s extensive experience in front office workflows and order management systems also allowed our analyst to speak to PMs and traders worldwide in their own language, thus getting a thorough read on requirements in a very short amount of time.
  • IMP Solution: IMP led the system search project. This included interviewing the client’s executives, portfolio managers, traders, compliance analysts, operations, middle/back office, and IT personnel . All requirements from the interviews were documented, analyzed, and compared by IMP across the leading OMS vendors in a timely manner.
  • Outcome: IMP’s expertise in the system search provided the client with a clear recommendation and implementation path. This included a short-term recommendation to best utilize existing systems, infrastructure, and resources, as well as a long-term recommendation for a global OMS that best supports their business users and IT infrastructure in the most cost effective way. IMP’s recommendations included savings of up to $1 million dollars for the client.

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