Client: A Prominent Hedge Fund with AUM of $20MM

  • Client Need: A pilot to verify the appropriateness of a new order management system (OMS) that the client had selected for its trading operations.
  • Why IMP Was Chosen: IMP has intimate knowledge of the OMS and a proven understanding of the full implications that a new system for portfolio and trader workflows would involve.
  • IMP Solution: The IMP team, which included former investment professionals, conducted a real-world test after rapidly configuring the new OMS and orienting traders to the new workflows. IMP’s detailed testing revealed that the new OMS failed to fulfill all required needs of the hedge fund. Drawing on IMP’s expertise with both the OMS and hedge fund workflows, the IMP team determined that the current OMS was mismatched with the client’s needs. IMP recommended postponing the implementation to find an OMS better suited to the client.
  • Outcome: IMP saved the client time and more than $250,000 in implementation fees. IMP subsequently leveraged its workflow and technological expertise to make detailed recommendations for improvements to the client’s current systems, which, in turn, better supported the hedge fund’s needs.

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