Client: A Global Leader in Investment Management with AUM of $39.5 Billion

  • Client Need: A solution for its VMware server infrastructure, which could not handle the processing requirements of the client’s order management system (OMS). Frequent failures of overnight compliance batches occurred with no failover capability in place, jeopardizing business continuity.
  • Why IMP Was Chosen: IMP has an expert understanding of the client’s order management system and the infrastructure necessary for success.
  • IMP Solution: IMP created an immediate plan for building a stronger client infrastructure. IMP converted the failing VMware server infrastructure to new multi-core rack-mounted servers that would be hosted in-house and have individual failover capability. The unique challenges of this project included the complexity of the overnight batch processes and the number of links between the OMS and the client’s other systems. IMP evaluated all of the connections and transparently moved them into the client’s infrastructure from the old server environment to the new one. IMP ensured success through a thorough stress test and implemented the transition over a weekend.
  • Outcome: IMP prevented damaging business interruptions through expert technological improvements and the team’s ability to rapidly and successfully implement changes during the close of business. The client has enjoyed sustained improvement in the stability and performance of its server environment.

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