Consistency, Transparency and Accountability

IMP's Core Methodology was designed to help accelerate projects in an efficient and organized manner, with a focus on high value and high performance outcomes. The methodologies and artifacts developed by IMP's team is at the "core" of every single engagement, so that our clients can rest assured that they are benefitting from the following advantages throughout the entire lifecycle of each project: 

  • Transparent Communication
  • Disciplined Planning
  • Thorough Requirements Analysis
  • Effective Testing
  • Controlled Migration 
  • Smooth Transition to Client Support

IMP's Methodology is driven by six key components:

  1. Scoping:  Process to effectively plan, deliver, and kick-off our client's critical projects
  2. Analysis:  Process to properly conduct requirements gathering, interviews, workflow analysis, and data analysis
  3. Project Management:  Process to manage project using best practices and best of breed tools and artifacts
  4. TestingProcess to plan, organize, and execute unit testing, use case testing, and organized QA/UAT/Parallel testing
  5. MigrationProcess to plan, organize, and execute all tasks in the migration process
  6. Maintenance:  Process to plan, organize, and execute all tasks in the post-go-live environment

In addition to our Core Methodology, IMP has developed additional methodologies to execute projects within the IMP Practice Areas to implement specific systems.

Click here to see an overview of systems where IMP has direct experience.