Manager Outsourcing Stricken with Delays, Budget Issues (Fundfire)

IMP President, Jane Stabile, was recently interviewed for a FundFire article based on IMP and TSAM's 2015 Investment Management Outsourcing Survey. Read a short snippet below:

Asset managers considering outsourcing critical mid- and back-office functions need to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into before taking the plunge. While offloading these operations may promise time and cost savings, the transition does not always go as planned. In fact, a third of outsourcing projects struggle to come in on time and on budget, according to new research.

In total, 32% of asset managers face challenges staying within budgets for outsourcing projects and 35% have trouble meeting time projections, a survey published Wednesday by operational consultant IMP Consulting and asset management conference provider TSAM has found.

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