Operational Due Diligence: Right Questions, Right Answers (FinOps Report)

“A fund manager might be relying on brand-name technology providers, custodians and fund administrators, but unless its operations staffers are equipped to correctly use the software as well as test applications and connectivity appropriately, they will miss costly glitches,” cautions Gigi Szekely, director of compliance for IMP Consulting, a Boston-based consultancy for asset managers specializing in testing compliance and other post-trade systems. “The asset owner needs to be reassured there is a testing process in place which proves results are accurate, must be ensured that staff are trained in the technology, and should receive reports on any exceptions and material violations to policies.”

Gigi Szekely, IMP's Director of Compliance, shares her expertise in the FinOps Report article Operational Due Diligence: Right Questions, Right Answers.

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