IMP Consulting Closes Loop Between Front Office and Compliance With the Release of CLEAR 360 and CLEAR On-Demand

Risk management & compliance solution for buy-side investment firms is the first of its kind to ensure a unified and seamless trading workflow

BOSTON, Mass. (July 25, 2016) - IMP Consulting, a leader in OMS implementation and compliance solutions for the asset management industry, today announced the release of CLEAR 360 and CLEAR On-Demand as the latest additions to its growing Compliance Library Enhancement and Audit Review (CLEAR™) consulting service.

CLEAR 360 is an all-encompassing recurring rules library and process audit for the buy-side that identifies and corrects misaligned rules and prevents costly trading errors that can occur when a regular and vigorous testing of the library in your trade order management system has been deferred. This holistic solution closes the loop with the front office by managing trade compliance throughout the lifecycle of each trade.

CLEAR On-Demand is the newly offered introductory delivery option that allows compliance teams to quickly correct individual faulty rules before violations occur. This cost-efficient approach pinpoints and solves high priority issues in the Compliance System’s rule library during the instances where the full CLEAR 360 service is not yet in place.

“Portfolio Managers and Traders frequently complain about the Automated Trading Compliance System,” said Jane Stabile, President of IMP Consulting. “Although PMs typically sign-off on the compliance rules when they are implemented, subsequent changes to data, process, etc. can create unnecessary noise that impedes trading and may actually increase risk. CLEAR brings relief to overtasked front office and compliance teams by balancing the business needs of PMs and Traders, while respecting account mandates and regulatory requirements.”

IMP Consulting, founded in 2004, initially developed CLEAR after observing that many firms were reaching a critical point where the manageability of the compliance rule library, and the process and controls around them, were failing.

 “CLEAR is backed by a team of compliance experts at IMP who understand the regulatory requirements governing the different investment vehicles and can accurately translate them into code across all of the market-leading compliance systems,” said Bryon Williston, Executive Vice President of IMP. “This ensures that compliance teams can keep pace with the high speed of regulatory change without slowing down the trading desk.” 

The CLEAR service can be implemented by contacting IMP for an initial assessment.  For more information, contact IMP Consulting at (617) 314-7415 or email

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