Managers Confront Overhaul to Crucial Fixed Income System

IMP Business Analyst, Valerie Villegas-Hoag is quoted in a new FundFire article which covers the transition asset managers must navigate following Bloomberg's acquisition of Barclays POINT.

See an excerpt below:

"'From an operations perspective it’s definitely number one but in a broader sense for the whole company it may not be top of the list… because it’s a year and a half out," says Valerie Villegas-Hoag, business analyst for IMP Consulting, an operational and regulatory consultant serving asset managers.

Given the fact the POINT system performs vital functions like measuring duration in fixed income portfolios, this could change. Bloomberg has said it will bring over POINT’s duration calculations but for managers considering a shift from POINT to a separate system, a change in calculation method could alter the duration calculations for an entire portfolio, warns Villegas-Hoag.

As such, IMP Consulting is helping size-up potential competitor products with a roadmap for transition and a list of questions to potential providers that can speed up the RFP process."

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