Bloomberg Announces the Completed Acquisition of POINT – Why The Sky Still Isn’t Falling

Now that Bloomberg has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Barclays’ Risk Analytics and Index Solutions (BRAIS), which includes the intellectual property of POINT portfolio analytics – it’s time to revisit why the sky still isn’t falling for POINT users. Take a deep breath, and let’s evaluate where we stand today.

According to the press release, “The acquisition enables Bloomberg to incorporate sophisticated models and analytics from POINT into Bloomberg PORT and augment these with data, news, alerts, mobile capabilities, and Bloomberg’s order management solutions to enhance the investment process and facilitate collaboration.”

Bloomberg highlights its experience in the following areas: fixed income data, analytics, distribution, technology, pricing, and news. The transition to POINT provides an opportunity to integrate these capabilities, which would enhance user experience from today.

Also noted in the release, “Barclays has agreed to continue to operate POINT for 18-months post-completion to help clients transition.”

This is a statement that was shared from the start in an effort to ease the minds of clients who are already in the middle of budget cycles and project plans. Having a start date, and knowing when the clock begins, provides a positive opportunity for clients to proactively develop a project roadmap, and leave time for the right elements, including the Proof-of-Concept.

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When developing your roadmap for POINT, there is no need to feel that the sky is falling today, but please don’t fall into the alternate trap of feeling like you have plenty of time to put off your planning until tomorrow. Or the next day. It’s only August now, but “Month 17” will be here before you know it.

Contact IMP to help assess a realistic timeline based on your firm’s specific variables or request the list of must-ask vendor search and selection questions.