Will You Be MiFID II Compliant? Five Areas of Focus


Slow down! That was the number one request that IMP heard after our webinar, MiFID II: US Asset Managers Brace for Impact.

IMP heard you, loud and clear. As a result, we’re rolling out a slower, more detailed video series to help you to either prepare for the January 3rd deadline, or educate yourself on the basics of what this massive directive entails.

The first video covers an introduction, timeline, and reviews the five focus areas of MiFID II. Future short videos will cover topics including:

  • Areas of business/systems impacted

  • Trade publication vs. transaction reporting

  • Programs & policies impacted

  • Impact on order flows

Watch the first installment of our MiFID II video series: Will You Be MiFID II Compliant? Five Areas of Focus.



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