Will You Be MifID II Compliant? Impact on Non-EU Asset Managers


There is a misconception that if your firm is a US asset manager, then you don’t need to worry about MiFID II, when in reality you do. Even if your firm doesn’t have a physical presence in the EU, there may be components of the rule that are still applicable to your client mix or your asset classes.
The bottom line for non-EU asset managers? It all depends on the business model. Be sure to watch video 2 of our series to walk through several examples where your firm may need to meet the new trade publishing and transaction reporting guidelines as of January 3, 2018.


MiFID II Alphabet Soup
MTF, OTF, RM, RPA, LEI….how can anyone keep track of the long list of MiFID II acronyms? Click here to download the MiFID II Acronym Cheat Sheet
Visit the MiFID II Preparation Resource Page for more information or contact Jon Gold at jgold@impconsults.com with questions.


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