Client: A Growing Asset Management Firm

  • Client Need:  A custom application to help the client overcome trade-modeling shortcomings of the well-known and widely used order management system (OMS) employed by the client.
  • Why IMP Was Chosen:  IMP has a proven track record of enhancing the well-known OMS—a byproduct of the depth of IMP’s industry expertise, including on-staff investment management and systems programming experience.
  • IMP Solution:  After IMP team members with investment management expertise analyzed the modeling needs of the client, IMP system architects built a custom tool that allowed the client to model the following:
    • Multiple definitions of cash (placed orders vs. filled orders)
    • A single account’s trading activity across multiple portfolio
      managers and multiple baskets
    • Rebalancing scenarios
  • Outcome: IMP significantly upgraded the client’s portfolio management capability by improving the speed, accuracy and breadth of its modeling abilities. IMP’s custom tool prevented the client from making a significant investment in a new OMS.

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