Client: The Investment Management Division of a Top 10 U.S. Bank

  • Client Need: Assistance with writing compliance tests for a fixed income trading desk that was ready to go live on a new order management system (OMS). The IMP business analyst writing these tests was also tapped to provide support to the team designing portfolio manager and trader workflows since she was progressing slightly ahead of schedule with her original assignment.
  • Why IMP Was Chosen: IMP was chosen for two reasons:
    1) the qualifications of the business analyst and 2) the promise that IMP’s senior management would provide oversight for all projects. IMP’s expert team of former industry experts includes former compliance and trading managers with more than 15 years of experience.
  • IMP Solution: While reviewing the progress of the business analyst assigned to the project, IMP senior management uncovered some potential gaps in the original requirements gathering by the client for the portfolio managers and traders. IMP notified the client’s project manager of those gaps, which did turn out to be critical to the portfolio managers and traders. While a dedicated IMP business analyst created and conducted detailed compliance testing for the client’s high yield fixed income desk, the analyst uncovered significant gaps in the requirements the client had previously documented for the upcoming implementation of a new OMS for this desk. Relying on IMP’s decades of experience, IMP created a new set of detailed implementation requirements to meet the needs of the client’s portfolio managers and traders.
  • Outcome: Seeing the immediate value of IMP’s expert insight, the client subsequently hired IMP to revisit all requirements for all asset classes of its fixed income trading operations. The client then asked IMP to lead all business analysis and implementation efforts for its fixed income teams throughout the United States.

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