Ross Munajj
Senior Manager

Mr. Munajj has over 22 years of experience in investment management systems implementation projects for large institutional, mutual fund and investment companies.  His investment technology and operational knowledge encompasses portfolio management, trading, compliance, risk, accounting, and settlement across a wide range of asset classes and security types. He has successfully completed and delivered high-profile and difficult projects.  Mr. Munajj always uses respectful communication to convey ideas in a way that is easily understood while remaining a good listener.  Insightful and goal minded, he excels in working with large firms and cross-functionally with lines of business and technology.  He is dependable and organized, and employs a forward-thinking approach to help asset management firms make favorable business improvements. 

Mr. Munajj recent experience includes 4 years as an implementation consultant. As an implementation consultant, Mr. Munajj has assisted clients with OMS (Order Management System) and Accounting systems search and selections. In addition, managed Charles River OMS implementations, upgrades, Post Trade module implementations, system integrations, compliance workflows, compliance rule writing and provided subject matter expertise on a number of complex implementations.

Prior to working as an implementation consultant, Mr. Munajj has 5+ years of experience working as a Senior Manager of Implementations at Charles River Development. As a Senior Manager of Implementations, he was involved in all levels and aspects of implementation and upgrades. Mr. Munajj’s Charles River OMS experience includes project management, subject matter expertise, OMS installations, building interfaces to and from the OMS, compliance implementations, Post-Trade implementations and complex configurations /workflows within the OMS applications.

Mr. Munajj has also successfully integrated OMS(s) with Trade Web and Market Axess, including Bloomberg (BB) for real-time data feeds, TSOX, VCON, BB data license feed and BB broker executions over FIX.