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Understanding the "True" Total Cost of Ownership

Critical success factors with any outsourcing model is understanding the “True” Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in time, money, and resources – especially the short-term (2-3 years).

More often than not, we find that the up-front costs can be shocking depending on the quality of the provider’s resources and where the control of configuration lies with the vendor. Variables that impact the TCO include the quality of the resources provided, the depth of industry knowledge in understanding your business and data, and the process and controls in place to ensure a timely and risk controlled implementation.

To avoid sticker shock, take the time to understand the costs by mapping out the tasks, resources, costs, and time that you’ll need. To help get started, download IMP’s Total Cost of Ownership worksheet by filling out the contact form below, or email IMP at for customized assistance.