Client: Investment Management Division of Large U.S. Bank

  • Client Need: Workflow analysis for the fixed income group to document their current processes and determine whether they needed to implement a new vendor-supplied order management trading system. Previous efforts by the client did not yield the level of detail required to determine tangible benefits that would be made available by a new system.
  • Why IMP Was Chosen: IMP’s extensive experience in front office workflows and order management systems allowed our analyst to speak to PMs and traders in their own language, resulting in a thorough read on requirements in a very short amount of time.
  • IMP Solution: At the conclusion of the analysis, IMP drew on its industry experience and recommended that the client make changes to the current workflows prior to spending budget on a new OMS. IMP’s recommendations included workflow changes to do the following:
    • Reduce manual processing for portfolio managers and traders by 30%
    • Enhance master security feeds by including specific portfolio manager data requests
    • Enhance portfolio modeling
    • Eliminate operational redundancy
  • Outcome: The operational efficiencies and upgrades that IMP’s experts identified were so significant that the client no longer felt that the new order management system (OMS) they were considering was necessary, saving the client significant time and money.

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