Q&A with Osney-Buyside/TSAM and Jane Stabile

In a series of interviews with thought leaders on Tech & Ops Strategy in the Investment Management industry, the team at Osney Buy-Side & TSAM sat down with IMP's President, Jane Stabile.

Osney Buy-Side: Tell me a bit about your role at IMP Consulting.

As the President and founder of IMP Consulting, my role is to work with our team to constantly investigate and improve on our best practices. Working with dozens of asset management firms of all types over the years has enabled me to gain a broad industry perspective. IMP stands for “Implementation Management Professionals;” when I started the firm 10 years ago, I spent most of my time helping asset management firms with OMS implementations that had gone off track. Seeing the same patterns emerge at multiple firms led us to create an implementation “toolkit” that made it easier and faster to implement OMS and compliance. Read more on TSAM's website.