Jane Stabile

Ms. Stabile has over 18 years of experience in investment management, more than 25 years in financial services overall. She started her career working for sponsors of direct participation limited partnerships, back in the tax-shelter days before tax reform and later on products focused on an income stream. Ms. Stabile first worked in investment software at Thomson Financial (now Thomson Reuters) and then worked at Charles River Development, at a time when the company began to grow from a firm of only 25 to a staff of hundreds.

Like most Implementation Managers, Ms. Stabile worked long hours and spent a lot of time on the road, but that was not the problem; she always enjoyed working side-by-side with her clients.  She found that the challenge arose when the focus on implementing a specific product impeded the ability to look at the bigger picture of improving the overall process, and she found herself asking these types of questions:

  • What if the solution isn't the right fit?
  • What if the client firm isn't really ready to implement an OMS, because more pressing, foundational issues must be addressed?
  • What if the best outcome for the client is to take a step back and re-evaluate the project?

Ms. Stabile feels that when you work for a vendor, your job is to implement the product, even if it doesn't solve the problem; as a consultant, you have the opportunity--and the obligation--to continually monitor what you are doing and confirm that the work is producing the outcome that the client wants and needs.

At IMP, Ms. Stabile works with an outstanding team of professionals to ensure IMP stays focused on your needs and the goals of your firm.  Along with IMP's management team, she ensures that the consultants receive the support they need to deliver on our promises to you, the client.  When working in an advisory capacity, Ms. Stabile brings an outside perspective to the conversation that helps clients stay up to date on best practices and formulate the strategies that achieve their goals.  

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